Financially Savvy

 “Although we had made some previous attempts at gaining control of our  finances, we did not have disciplined spending and savings practices. We  purchased personal financial software, attempted to set budgets… but it  still wasn’t working. Then we met Elizabeth. As a result of the tactical guidance we received we finally experienced success! If we could give a gift to every married couple, it would be time with Elizabeth.”   Todd & Starla CPA’s 


 “Elizabeth has transformed the way we look and utilize… resources in our lives. That’s it in a nutshell. My wife and I loved the one-on-one attention and specific solutions  that have completely transformed how we run our household, spend our money, and pray for God’s resources to affect our lives.”  

 Andrew K. 

Positive Accountability

 “It’s been 13 months since we met to learn how to plan for confident  spending. We are pleased to report it’s been a GREAT 13 months. While we  haven’t been perfect; we have made huge progress. You were our personal  accountability partner. I remember telling you how we had  read every financial book out there and certainly understood what to do;  but without someone holding us accountable, we never implemented the  process. Words cannot thank you enough for your help.”  
Chris & Patti

Out of Financial Wilderness

 We lived in financial agony for decades, never knowing how much we had or how much we spent. My husband and I were raised on opposite ends of the financial management spectrum and our differences created lots of tension between us. We tried various programs for budgeting, but our finances were so complicated that these simpler programs just couldn’t keep up. We chronically used money with worry, fear, and doubt. 

Then Elizabeth came into our lives and led us out of our financial wilderness. She taught us how to think differently about managing money and gave us the tools to do the work. She returned to us much more than we paid her. We now have more money saved than ever and we can confidently enjoy the money we spend. 

Nancy D.

Changed Our Lives

 “Elizabeth provided not only me, but my family too, with skills in  managing money that have changed our lives for the better. As a  result…we are now certain of the direction we are going. I would  encourage everyone to pursue her offerings. The benefits have proven endless.”   

Allison B. 

Really Truly Works

 It's hard to believe that daily living could be so much easier once my spouse and I graduated from Elizabeth's program. Our decision to work with her came after eight years of trying (and subsequently failing at) numerous financial programs.  I cannot recommend this program enough because it really, truly works! 

I used to blow through thousands of dollars without being able to account for where it all went. No longer!  

 Who'd have thought budgeting could happen without creating angst and conflict in the home?  Using our new budget has actually built up our marriage instead of straining it; that alone has been worth the training for us. This program has paid for itself multiple times over. What a life change! 

Susan O.

Best Decision

 After years of going through Crown and Dave Ramsey materials, we were  still struggling to meet our financial goals and were experiencing  stress and frustration around finances. We believe that meeting with Elizabeth was one of the best financial decisions we have made. We would highly recommend Elizabeth’s services to any couple in any  stage of life and financial situation. The best part is she teaches her  system in a very loving and grace-filled way.”    

Stephanie H. 



Now that you have ushered us into this new world of true financial confidence, taught us to stand, balance, and walk, we let go of your hand with excitement for what our future can look like! We know that this is a plan and a system that will keep us on our feet as long as we use it – and why would we ever stop using it? To say it has been a life-changer for us would be an understatement! 

 The bottom line result, however, (no pun intended ☺) has been beyond our wildest dreams! We have moved from guilt and shame to freedom and gratitude in less than a year!  

 Eric is beyond delighted that I am managing the books, and that they are better than just balanced! He says our investment in this training is by far the best financial decision we have ever made; it has probably paid for itself several times over in less than a year. But best of all is that the huge, constant burden of worry about the future has been lifted from Eric’s shoulders. 

Georgianna H.



My wife and I can’t speak highly enough of this product and what it’s doing for our spending plan. Elizabeth didn’t just deal with generalities and principles like a lot  of financial programs, but she helped us get down to the specifics of  planning where every dollar goes and how to monitor it on a real time  basis.”  
Ron W.