Elizabeth graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in accounting in 1976. She began her career with Shell Oil as a programmer analyst. She proceeded to hold positions as Systems Engineer for EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and a Corporate Systems Planner for United Energy Resources.

In 1984 Elizabeth married and began a family and desired to be a  stay-at-home mom. As the family grew, she elected to augment her family commitments with work as a personal computer software trainer. Initially  as a trainer to individuals, her business quickly expanded to class instruction at universities and businesses. In 2000, Elizabeth decided  to combine her experiences in systems planning and computer training  with her love of helping individuals and couples understand how to organize and spend their money in an efficient and effective manner.

Accordingly, The Blume Group, a financial life consulting business,  was formed to address this very real need in everyone’s life.  Since the inception she has successfully helped hundreds of people understand what influences how they spend money from an emotional and processing  perspective. It is her vision to empower individuals and couples alike to manage their money so they can intentionally and appropriately decide how they want to spend their money rather than responding to the urgent. The result – her clients have control and peace over their finances and are Spending Confidently!