Budget & Spending Coach

Blume Group Consulting


  • skills to manage money wisely 
  • habits to spend it well

Be confident, united, and in control!



The Blume Group is a financial life coaching firm that provides proven training and

coaching so that couples, individuals, and kids can manage money effectively.  As a

result they can spend wisely, plan efficiently to reach their personal goals, and enjoy


The core of the company's services is the The Confident Spending System. It is a

unique step by step process that helps couples and individuals gain control of the

emotional and processing sides of handling money in their daily financial lives in order

to accomplish their financial goals. The system is very comprehensive, consisting of 20+

hours of personal coaching and 30-40 hours of individual homework; usually over a

three month period. 

Upon completion, clients have a better understanding of each other

and their motives, their communication improves regarding finances, and they have a

system for managing their money that allows them to track their spending, control their

cash flow, and plan for the achievement of future goals.